Does Marcus Rashford need to leave ?

Does Marcus Rashford need to leave ?

Jamie Carragher has advised young Manchester united prodigy to seek greener pastures elsewhere just as current striker Romelu Lukaku did. Is he right ?

Marcus Rashford seems to have gotten his international career up and running as the young forward followed up his strike against Spain with another against Switzerland.

In the wake of his international success, Jamie carragher has advised the Manchester United striker to leave old Trafford if he wants to progress as a striker. Is he right ?

While Marcus Rashford is no doubt a boy Wonder, it’s unlikely the England striker will be able to displace the Belgium and Manchester United No 9 Romelu Lukaku.

Lukaku was signed by Manchester United after failing to strike out a deal for Alvaro Morata and so far the striker has gone on to bag a number of goals at the club.

It can be recalled that Romelu Lukaku’s rise to stardom, wasn’t an easy one. The Belgian left Chelsea at a young age to Everton due to lack of playing time and despite not being in a top six club, went on to bulge the premier league with goals and that is what jamie carragher seems to have in mind for Marcus Rashford as well.

“The problem he’s got, and it’s the same for every young striker at big clubs, nothing’s harder than that position,” Carragher said.

“And you look at Lukaku, I don’t see him ever displacing Lukaku while he’s there.”

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“But remember Lukaku at Chelsea, he had to come away to Everton.”

“Then ended up as the top scorer one season at Everton in the Premier League, then gets his move to Manchester United.
And possibly Everton is the sort of club, just below the top six, similar to what Lukaku did, when you know you’re going to play every week. You’re going to be that centre-forward.”

“You know if you have a couple of games where you don’t score you’re still going to play the next week. I think that’s the problem he has at Man United.”

“I think last season, Brighton away, Mourinho had a pop at him and Lukaku went straight back into the team. That’s the problem you’re always going to have.”

“In order to play centre-forward for Manchester United you’ve got to be world-class. Rashford’s not world-class yet. He might be at 23 or 24.”

“So Rashford might have to move away to come back to a top team.”

The young striker started out well last season, but seems to have dropped down the pecking order alongside Anthony Martial with the arrival of Alexis Sanchez in January.

Jamie Carragher may be right about a move elsewhere but Manchester United will only be willing to send the academy prodigy out on loan not the other way.

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