Possibly the biggest yet in russia as the first fixture of the semi finals presents one of its fiercest forces in France and Belgium. The two heavy weights go head to head for a chance to feature on the grand stage of all and possibly lift the most prized asset in the sporting world.

Both France and Belgium have had their fair share or good fortunes and bad alike in the wake of the world cup but have fought against all odds to find themselves in the last four with France taking the responsibility of knocking out Argentina and Belgium seeing off Brazil. The other two been Croatia and England who face off a day later.

France vs Belgium world cup semi finals

Both teams feature the best of the rest. With an abundance of talent in virtually every department of the team, this is likely to be the fixture of the tournament.



With the likes of Matuidi, Paul Pogba and Ngolo Kante governing the midfield, you would wonder little how they got to this point. France have a midfield capable to be fielded against any team and survive. The injection of both strength and creativity allows the front men to advance without danger of what comes after. The front line however is another danger foretold, the likes of the ever adventurous Antonio Griezman, the direct Kylian Mbappe and predator in Giroud. You definitely have a lot to worry about. The defence is also quite solid enough to withstand any attack thrown it’s way.


While France possess an abundance of talent, it’s their style of play that sometimes let them down. The midfield possesses a kind of force built on strength rather than speed like their opponent. The could hit you where it hurts but question is how fast ?. The france midfield have on several occasions failed to transform defense into attack as fast as their opponents. The entire team depends solely on the speed of the forward men especially Kylian and Griezman.


Just like their opponents, Belgium are also built on strength but a better injection of speed. Belgium unlike their opponents are quicker and yet more conservative in the defensive department, little wonder why they have scored more and conceded less. The front line however is devastating enough. A combination of Man utd’s Romelu Lukaku and chelsea’s forward Eden hazard who currently tops the table for the highest dribbles in the tournament is enough to hurt any defense. It is the clever transition of defense to attack that’s the key however to unlocking defences. Man city star Kevin de Bruyne ensures their is nothing to fear in that department. The defense however have proven also that they are nowhere below par in the big game.

Man utd and city midfielders paul pogba and Kevin de Bryune


It’s Strength against Speed as France and Belgium face off. All eyes would be on the forwards however, the likes Kylian Mbappe, Antonio griezman, Romelu Lukaku and Eden hazard are expected to take center stage as always. The midfield department would feature Pogba and Kevin de bruyne in a more advanced role with Fellaini and Ngolo Kante in a more defensive one.

Both teams are evenly matched and should take just a moment of brilliance from either of the teams to make the difference today.

Its all or nothing today as France and Belgium go head to head in the first fixture of semi finals fixture. Both predators, both worthy, who will provide the moment of brilliance required to put the other to bed.

Let’s find out.