Jose Mourinho justifies Celebration as Ronaldo ranks over gifted luck

Manchester United ended it for Juventus with a comeback victory at Turin as United salvaged all three points to Juventus’s expense.

Cristiano Ronaldo gave Juventus the lead in the second half, but a wonderful curler from a Juan Mata free kick in the 86th followed by a panic goal minutes later in the game ended it for the old lady’s at Turin.

Following the final whistle Jose Mourinho was involved in a bust up for a celebration which looked insulting for most some players but Cristiano Ronaldo rather looked the first offender for his celebration despite been adored by Manchester United for his time with them in the past.

Mourinho however believed he was right for his doing as he rightly put “he was doing his job”

“I was insulted for 90 minutes. I came here to do my job, nothing more,” he said

“I didn’t offend anyone at the end, I just made a gesture that I wanted to hear them louder. I probably shouldn’t have done it, and with a cool head I wouldn’t have done it, but with my family insulted, including my Inter family, I reacted like this.”

“We played a fantastic game, to our top level, as we cannot be any better than this. We came here to play like a team that was against a side with different potential on every level,”

“We managed to win because we played a very, very positive match and we looked for the victory to the very end. We looked for it.”

“Fellaini changes the game, most often at home. We didn’t have him in the first leg, Juventus introduced Barzagli to control us, but we immediately went direct and got the goals,”

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“We introduced Juan Mata not for the free kicks, but to put the crosses in for Fellaini, who always dominates in the air.”

“A point or three would’ve changed little for Juventus, but three points makes a big difference to us.”

Ronaldo however believed Manchester Uniteddid nothing to deserve the win and believed they [Juventus] offered United luck.

“The Champions League is a special competition, where you could be winning, but can’t relax, as anything can happen,”

“We dominated the game for 90 minutes, had so many chances, could’ve killed it off three or four times, but we relaxed and were punished.”

“Manchester United did nothing to win the game. You can’t even talk about luck, because you have to find your own luck and in this case we just gifted it to them.”

“Now we’ve got to lift our heads, as we played really well and are still top of the group.”

“We want to go all the way and if we are to do that, we must learn from this sort of mistake,”

“We’ve been threatening this sort of mess for a few games, to be honest, as we get too complacent and run risks that are totally unnecessary.”

“Maybe now we’ll get our heads down and focus the way we need to in every single match, taking nothing for granted.”

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