Mesut Ozil missing out sounds like great news to fans

Mesut Ozil missing out sounds like great news to fans

Mesut Ozil is set to miss out on Westham clash and fans are more than happy to hear the news despite it been for illness

The only other man as popular as Paul Pogba’s rift with Jose Mourinho ‘Mesut ozil’, is set to miss the weekend clash with westham due to illness according to reports.

The Midfielder[Mesut Ozil] was labelled a £300k nightmare inheritance to Unai Emery after his horrible display against Chelsea last week which they eventually lost 3-2 to condemn them to yet another defeat in just their second game of the season.

On his day, Mesut ozil is everything you would want in a midfielder, fast, creative and agile but how often does that day come ?
“We are here to help him,’ the Spaniard[Emery] said. ‘We are his family and it is his home. We are used to being criticised but we are professional.”

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“In our careers, as coaches and players, we are going to receive criticism.”

“When we do well, they are going to speak about us well. We need to live with this. Here, we need and we want to help him”

With reports the midfielder is due to miss out Aaron Ramsey may finally get a nudge in the manager’s starting eleven for the first time this season after the saga and drama during the summer transfer.

The fixture could as well give the manager a chance to analyse his team without the presence of the German and also without having to make the decision to drop him[Ozil] himself.

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