Let me guess, you don’t believe it right ?. I don’t either but it’s looking more realistic by the day that the world most elite force may be on his way to juventus away from the prying eyes at Spain after a fruitful campaign in yet another league.
Cristiano Ronaldo moved to Spain as a young lad, in a bid to prove how good he was not just to his rival but to himself. He seems to have accomplished that task over and over again and now it seems it’s time to move on to yet another city. Cr7 made it clear he was unhappy at real madrid after winning a third champions league trophy in a row but as always it seemed like the same story we hear just to get a new contract or a better deal, but this time it might just be for real. Real might just be about to lose their greatest player in history and it’s not to retirement but to the old ladies at Turin.
The Portuguese striker may well be on to juventus after successful years at real madrid

Juventus had earlier reportedly refused a bid to sell Higuain, insisting they hope to partner the Argentine with his old team mate. What devastating lineup that would be. Higuain , Cristiano Ronaldo and Paulo Dybala might just be about to unleash hell in the Serie A should this deal pull through.
Cristiano could have been an old lady a long time ago bar a failed deal but it seems the intention never dies with the failed move. It is understood that Cristiano has agreed a deal with juventus already with only a madrid agreement holding the cards to complete the move.
Twice cristiano took out the old ladies in the last couple of years, most recently the over head kick which got the world buzzing. A kick which attracted an ovation from both real fans and juventus alike. Many say that was the day the move was sealed. The day history was set to revolve in their favour. At Italy, Cristiano would be treated like a god, a football genius which of course he is. Something real seem to have failed to recognize in a few years now.
I don’t believe it, i can’t still see it happening. But what the heck, it’s not my choice anyway.

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