Should Man United drop Romelu Lukaku ? Craig Burley thinks so

Espn Pundit Craig Burley thinks it’s time for Manchester United to drop Romelu Lukaku for young striker Marcus Rashford. Is he right ?

Manchester United have been faulty in front of goal for quite the time in the beginning of the season and many think it’s time for the manager [ Jose Mourinho ] to give it a rest, Let Marcus Rashford take the stage and Romelu Lukaku the bow.

Romelu Lukaku was signed for £75 million by Jose Mourinho and while the Belgian has gone on to score 31 goals in 62 games for the Red Devils, it seems the striker hasn’t really convinced the fans – including me – that he is worth keeping his place in front of goal.

The 25 year old may look the king of the park when on international duty, but Craig Burley thinks Marcus is a better player in front for United that the Belgian, – I think so too.

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“He’s one of a number of United players that, once Mourinho goes, will have to be outed by the new regime,” Burley said.

“Whether that be a sporting director or a new manager.

“He’s a good player but, watching him lately, he’s not making the right runs.

“I wouldn’t call him a clever striker – he’s big and powerful and gets his ratio of goals. But it’s against the weaker teams.

“If he’s not playing well and not making the runs, Marcus Rashford is a natural striker,” Burley added.

“Yes he’s young but he’s an international, he’s got experience, he’s quick, he’s clever, he’s not frightened to try anything.

“If Lukaku is not cutting it then Mourinho will have to get him out of the team.”

Do you agree with Craig Burley ?

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