The first fixture is over and one team is through to the next round to competition while the other would hope to end with at least a bronze medal. Samuel Umtiti was on hand to give France the lead in the 51st minute to seal the game and hand France the win against Belgium. Here are a few big quotes from the big lads in the football world after the game.

Arsène Wenger on Paul Pogba:

“Sometimes he can lose himself by doing things that aren’t useful. Today he kept things simple & was impressive. His long balls are exceptional, few can do that in the world.”

Mourinho on Pogba:

“I think a very good performance by Pogba. Pogba was mature, he played with maturity when he had to hold position and keep control of the play.”

Shearer on Pogba:

”I think Paul Pogba plays with a freedom in this French team that if he makes a mistake, it is accepted, but he looks scared to make that same mistake in a Manchester United shirt. He was excellent in several respects in this game.”

Rio Ferdinand on Pogba:

“Pogba, he showed today why he went for so much money. There was an understanding and maturity about his game.”

Thibaut Courtois on the game:

“I wouldn’t say that the other team was better than us. They defended in their own half the entire time, we shouldn’t have been surprised, they’ve done that all tournament. It’s a shame.”

Mourinho on Belgium:

“I think the Belgium players they go home with a bad feeling. A feeling that we could do more and better. Many of the other players they kept hiding, and a little bit more in the last 20-25 minutes. But they are much better than that.”