Was Bernd Leno's move to arsenal right ? How long before the 26 year old runs out of patience at the club.

Was Bernd Leno’s move to arsenal right ? How long before the 26-year-old runs out of patience at the club.

Arsenal and Unai Emery’s £19m summer signing Bernd Leno seems to be non-existent at the club so far this Season.

The 26-year-old who was signed in the summer has played second fiddle so far to 36-year-old Peter cech. Wow! That’s 10 years difference and yet he gets to keep his place ?

It’s almost possible to believe Arsenal didn’t sign a goal keeper in the summer and this has left Bernd Leno seemingly frustrated with opportunities looking far in the distance.

Despite making his debut in the Europa league victory against Voskla (4-2), it looks certain the 26-year-old will make way for Peter cech when they face Everton in the weekend. Sounds to me like Unai signed himself a Europa League goal keeper in Bernd Leno.

‘I came to the club to play every game,’ he said. ‘But I think to move to a bigger club, another country, it needs maybe a little bit of time. It is a bit frustrating but I keep calm and work very hard to improve.’

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‘The coach always makes the starting XI because of the performance.’

‘I think it could change, not every week, but he will change a lot. He didn’t say the League is Petr’s competition and the Europa League is mine. I will work every day hard to play more games.’

With Unai Emery’s trust still heavily invested on Peter cech, it’s unlikely Bernd Leno would really feature for the Gunners except on cases of injury or in later stages of the season, which is highly dependent on how many tournaments arsenal still feature in.

Was Bernd Leno’s move the right one ? How long before the 26-year-old runs out of patience at the north London club.

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