Neymar jr signed for PSG for $263m and is yet to live up to his bills

Neymar jr could still have the time to salvage his already down sliding career as he misses out on Fifa men’s best player of the year while team mate Kylian mbappe keeps looking the real deal

Once upon a time, we thought we had found a rightful heir to the throne, we thought we had found the future, we thought we had found the perfect star but then all we found was just another talent to walk through the sports “football” without ever making a mark of his own on the game.

Neymar jr was a prospect to behold and a talent to cherish. The football world at some point couldn’t wait to see his rise to glory after the days of cristiano ronaldo and Lionel messi were over, however the Brazilian forward seems to have managed to throw it all away. The forward arrived at Barcelona with the caption “heir” written all over him, the Catalan fans believed they wouldn’t have to miss the legendary Lionel messi even one bit when he retired as they had another to take his place but little did they know how wrong they were.

After a couple of seasons at camp nou in which the legendary MSN flourished, the Brazilian winger broke the jinx as he left the club in a world record fee of $263m to French champions PSG all in a bid to leave the shadow the Barcelona maestro “Lionel messi”. Ever since then, the forward has not only come under severe scrutiny but as also deteriorated. The Neymar the world once knew or seems to have known is no where to be found. The Brazilians most recently missed out on the Fifa men’s best player of the year after been dumped out of the champions league by reigning champions Real Madrid and reigning best player Cristiano ronaldo.

However Young teammate “Kylian Mbappe” who arrived at psg same way he did at Barcelona has built himself a reputation. The young French man was listed among nominees to win the prestigious award and is now been rated as the next best thing in football after the legends are done.

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Neymar seems to have moved from one shadow to another and this time the consequences may be even more severe. At Barcelona the forward would have had a better opportunity with Lionel messi currently in his 30’s but here at psg it’s a 19 year old to battle with. He is Young, strong , fast and witty and probably isn’t ready to be under anyone’s shadow at least not the Brazilian. If the young world cup winner continues to grow then their is no stopping him from taking the crown sooner or later, Its just a matter of time now.

Neymar was once the next best thing to happen to football after Cristiano ronaldo and lionel messi

The Brazilian forward probably picked the wrong time to move. He is still fast, strong and still one of the best dribblers on the planet but his attitude towards the game is his biggest weakness. Neymar lacks the intent and attitude which set leaders apart from the rest. The forward was quick to lash out at fans for taunts he received after his free falling display at the concluded Russia 2018 world cup where he was quick to explain fans wouldn’t understand. Its understandable when you say you are in pain when you are caught by a tackle, but literally rolling half way through the pitch is something fans don’t still understand.

Neymar may yet still be able to salvage his future but will have to dig deeper into himself. It’s time he keeps the attitude aside to actually play football. Something which would not only be of benefit to him but his entire team who still look to him for that extra bit of magic in difficult times.