Why did Manchester United ever sign Alexis Sanchez in the first place !

It could have been easier had Alexis Sanchez not been pocketing a large lump of money weekly, but much more was expected from the Chilean striker who has scored just three times since moving to Manchester United in January.

Sure there was a bit of improvement from the striker against Bournemouth in the weekend, but that was only a mere mirror of what Alexis should offer if he was worth enough to convince Man United allow him pocket £505,000 per week, and that is excluding the £75,000 each time he is named in the starting line up. The No 7 is definitely making an honest living off Manchester United, don’t you think ?

For a player who earns such a huge sum, it’s a shame you can only hand pick a few matches with reasonably stand out performances – not that it really stood out anyway.- Truth is Alexis Sanchez has done more harm than good at Manchester United. But how would the red devils offload him ?

Manchester United striker Alexis Sanchez

Manchester United have some sort fallen out on deals for goal keeper David De Gea and red hot forward Anthony Martial and it’s no news the main reason they’ve this fallen out has been due to the huge salary pocketed by the Chilean.

David De Gea has been arguably Manchester united’s best and most consistent player, while Anthony Martial keeps looking the future. However, their agents are refusing to agree to new deals unless they get something close to Sanchez’s wages and if that be the case, then selling off Alexis now would be a lot better for the club.

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Truth is Manchester United looked a lot more convincing when Jose has had to rotate between Anthony Martial and Marcus Rashford. Both seemed to compliment each other, trying so hard to best the other that the fans yearned to see them both play on the pitch at the same. Then there came Alexis to shatter the excelling success and put a stop to their development.

If Manchester United can free up some funds by selling him to Paris Saint Germain in January among a few other unusable players, then they’d probably make long term deals with players worth making deals with for the long run at the club.

Sadly Manchester United have continued to fall below the ranks of favourite on both local and European level with the club more focused on off the pitch business than what happens on it. Fact is Manchester United have a lot of players unworthy and unready to play for a club with such history as Man Utd. Something the hierarchy seem to be quite lackadaisical about in years following Alex Ferguson’s departure as manager.

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