Why Zinedine Zidane may not succeed at Manchester united ?

Zinedine zidane rumoured as jose mourinho replacement at Manchester united

Former Real Madrid coach Zinedine has been linked with a move to Manchester united to replace Jose Mourinho

With fans growing in desperation to see the special one [jose mourinho] leave old Trafford due to his unattractive style of play, the rumours have been growing of former Real Madrid coach Zinedine zidane taking over at the club.

Zidane quit his role at Real Madrid after nearly three years of absolute success winning three champions league trophies in a row, including a league trophy, super cups and a host of them. That most definitely makes him the most successful coach of the modern era. But can he do the same as a Manchester united manager ?

Why Zinedine zidane may not succeed at Manchester united

One thing is to manage a well structured Real Madrid team and another is to manage a rather less complacent Manchester united team.

Unlike at Manchester united and the Glazer’s family, The Perez figure at Real Madrid is both father, President, agent, director and disciplinarian meaning less complacent attitudes as seen by Anthony Martial, Paul pogba, Marouane Fellaini and a few others at united would be less tolerated at the Santiago Bernabau.

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Other than calibre of players available to the manager at Real Madrid, the transfer is another major doubt at Manchester united. Ed woodward and the Glazer’s family have been seemingly interested in more revenue than investing in the club meaning the manager would have to make do like jose is doing at the moment.

Manchester united have bigger problems than jose mourinho, something signing Zidane nor Pep Guardiola can’t fix at the club.

A manager needs resources to work and at United it’s either lacking or non-existent and no manager can succeed in such conditions.

While the prospect of signing a three-time champions league winner in Zinedine zidane is nothing short of exciting, big doubts remain on whether it’s a step forward from jose mourinho with the current situation at the club or a decline.

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